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Thursday, 17 December 2015

How to Fix Invalid IMEI problem on Oplus Xonphone 5 After Flashing ROM full tutorial

To fix IMEI problem on Oplus Xonphone 5 we are using this method.
First Install Driver software for P.C

Download and Install - MT65XX usb vicom Driver
After installing the driver restart your P.C
If you already install then skip

Download - MTK droid Tool

Then Download Kingo Root software for giving root permission. If you do not follow these steps, It will not work.
How to Root Phone

After the root process finish.
Extract the MTK droid tool and open it
And then Connect your phone to the P.C (enable the USB debugging Mode)
After connecting you phone to the P.C, wait for few seconds.  
And then click on "Root"

If your phone still no find by you computer then try to install these software.
ADB Driver - Download 
Or If your computer Find your phone already then Skip this process.
Now the Temporary root action begins This will gain access to you phone. And it will take few seconds to complete.
After gaining the Temporary root access, You will notice that yellow sign in left bottom corner became Green its mean all fine.
Now click on "IMEI/NVRAM"
And Then a window will appear - Put your IMEI in the box and then click On "Replace IMEI"
click on Ok - it will tell you that your phone will restart.
After finish all the steps click on "Reboot"
And then a window will appear, click on "Reboot mode"
Now After reboot - The IMEI invalid problem will fix.

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