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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

How to setup Network Attached Storage (NAS) on your old computer

How To install FreeNAS 9.10 Click Here

Note :- Below Installation tutorial is for FreeNAS 8.3.0

Things needed

1 - Computer with 2GB ram and 1Ghz or higher CPU.

2 - Two (HDD) hard disk.
      two because one for installing NAS operating system which cannot be used to store data so
      other is for storing data .
      You can also use USB Flash Drive instead of HDD to install NAS os
      I used 250GB HDD as NAS operating system drive.
      And  1 TB HDD is used for storing Data.

3 - Ethernet Switch or Router.

4 - Pen Drive 4GB or 8Gb.

5 - NAS operating system      DOWNLOAD

6 - Win 32 Disk Imager.
     for writing NAS OS file on Pendrive

How to Do

Setup your old computer to the same network of your other
computer By router or Switch

Download NAS operating system it will be .iso file
then plug in your pen drive. And open Win 32 Disk Imager
in right corner click on blue folder icon and select the iso.
after that click on "write" then the writing process begin on

After finishing writing process. Plug out the Pendrive
And plug in to your Old computer. And turn on
And press Key for access in boot menu
usually key for different types of pc is mention  - Esc - F9 - F10 - F11 - F12.
After Accessing select the pendrive and press enter
then system boots the pendrive and shows the Nas version and detail then again press enter.
The loading Process Begin .After loading a screen appear Select " Install / Upgrade "
Then its show the available drives . Then select one drives by pressing space bar where you want to install Nas os. And then select "ok". Then it will ask you to give root password.
Now the installation process begin. Please wait Until its finish.

After finishing up then it will show the IP address.

Then Open browser of Another computer Type the IP address.
hit enter . log in with User name - root
Password - which you enter in root
And manage the NAS storage. Now you have Home Network Attached Storage.

7 - If you Having trouble while
      formatting pendrive after
      installing nas os
      Then download HP USB Disk
      Storage Formatting

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